The Ship of Destiny and Faith

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For all fans of the Locke/Desmond pairing.
Community Info

This community is dedicated to John Locke/Desmond Hume, the character on LOST played by the brilliant Terry O'Quinn and Henry Ian Cusick. Post anything that pertains to John Locke/Desmond Hume/Terry/Ian such as Pictures, Fan Fiction, Icons, Articles, ect.

Community Rules

Posts need to be related to Locke/Desmond/Terry/Ian

Do not gossip about the actors. If they have said something publicly, whether personally or through their agent, then it is fine to discuss. Otherwise, let's please respect their privacy.

Spoilers go behind LJ cut.

Please give credit for graphics/icons.

Please put a Subject in when posting.

Please use tags when posting. Example: pics, wallpaper, graphics, fan fiction, icons ect.

When Posting Fan Fiction, Include:

All ratings are welcome, but must be clearly marked. Also, they must include the characters of John Locke and Desmond Hume. However, the characters can be paired up together or with another character or no one at all. The only thing I ask is that they have at least some scenes together, since this is a community dedicated to them.

No derogatory remarks about Terry O'Quinn/Henry Ian Cusick or the characters they portray.

Please show your fellow Members, Moderator, Terry O'Quinn and Henry Ian Cusick respect at all times.